You would like to prove the stability and mechanical resistance of your construction product? Do you have questions about a construction technique permit or individual technical approval procedure? Do you need third-party inspection / certification?
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Would you like your structural plastic construction to be inspected? Do you need an independent assessment of the service life? Do you have damage in a plastic structure?
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Do you need technical advice on verification procedures for structural systems made of plastic? Would you like to take part in an exchange of experience?
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Inspection engineers / Experts

Do you need to assess plastic structures outside your own area of expertise? Do you have questions about structural analysis or a damage in construction products made of plastics?
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Our Services

Engineering services from one hand

We are your independent third-party provider for the verification of the stability and mechanical resistance of plastic construction products. We support manufacturers, operators and authorities with a wide range of services in order to be able to assess building constructions with regard to their structural integrity and durability. In the context of material and component testing, static calculations, inspection and certification, CE marking and damage analysis, we offer a wide range of services to support your project.

About us

From raw material to approved product

We support you in all official approval procedures, from qualification of the base material to the static calculation for a structural design type approval, whether for project-related approvals/construction technique permits, national technical approval/general construction technique permit, European Technical Assessments or classifications according to EN standards.


  • All services from one hand and a closely supervised and coordinated procedure, also with other inspection bodies
  • Continous support in external monitoring, certifications, quality certificates and operational site inspections
  • Connection between practice and regulatory requirements
All services from one hand

Services from raw material to certification


Engineering Offices

Testing Laboratories


Material Testing (chemical and mechanical)

Component Tests / Full Scale Tests

Monitoring and Certification

Inspection / Damage Analysis Reports

Static Calculations

On-Site Inspections

Succsessfully completed projects
Our departments

Our diverse range of services is designed to optimally meet your requirements in the field of verification of plastic construction products. Here are the main fields of operation:


Expert witness

Technical center /
Testing laboratory

Notified body

Inspection body

Engineering office

Your advantages
These are your benefits:

For us, it is not just about offering you services, but actually providing you with noticeable added value.

Here are some reasons why you should work with us:

Transparency &

Transparent and understandable operations and procedures.

Our network

Many years of cooperation with the authorities and our exchange of experience with other experts enable us to proceed in a target oriented way.


You entrust your project to a company that offers the various required skills (testing, calculation, assessment) in one place and therefore we know what we are talking about in our team-work.


For more than 20 years we have been involved in safe constrution with structural plastics. Particularly through damage assessments, we can use our knowledge to correctly evaluate your plastic construction product.


Darauf können Sie bauen

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Dachlichtbänder, Schornsteine, Großaquarien, Lichtkuppeln, Polymerbeton, Wasserrutschen, GF-UP-Behälter und -Silos, Fassadenelemente, Schadens- und

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Privatpersonen, Behörden, Kleinunternehmer, Gerichte, Großkonzerne, städtische Betriebe

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Bauaufsichtliche Genemigungsverfahren

Zustimmungen im Einzelfall, vorhabenbezogene
Bauartgenehmigungen, Europäische Technische Bewertungen, Typenstatiken…

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Wiederkehrende Kunden
die unsere Zusammenarbeit schätzen


Facts and Figures
On that you can rely:

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Rooflights, chimneys, large aquariums, skylight domes, polymer concrete, water slides, GRP tanks and silos, façade elements, damage analysis and expert reports at court…

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Private individuals, public authorities, small businesses, courts, large corporations, municipal companies…

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Building approval procedures

Project-related approvals, construction technique permits, European Technical Assessments, type statics…

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Returning clients

who value our collaboration.

Quality assurance
Certificates of competence:

You already received a certificate by ISP? Have it checked for validity now!

Our Team

Team of ISP


Chief executive officer, Expert 



Head of accredited test laboratory and notified body


Head of inspection body


Head of engineering office, Qualified structural engineer


Head of technical center


Sekretary’s Office


Component tests


Material examiner, specializing in plastics technology


Examiner accredited test laboratory

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New exciting challenges

Look forward to exciting challenges that will not only take your personal development to the next level, but also make a significant contribution to creating innovative solutions for our company.

Job offers
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Employee at the technical center

Carrying out and evaluating tests on structual plastic components


basic technical training / experience in installation


Project assistance

Support for project managers, preparation and booking of business trips, communication in German and English with customers, general office tasks


friendly demeanor, confident handling of Microsoft Office products


Speculative application

Are you a professional looking for your next career adventure? We value dedicated individuals who can bring a fresh perspective to our team.

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Your Workplace
Overview of our daily work
Ready for a competent & experienced service provider from one hand?

You can rely on our expertise.

We offer you a versatile range of solutions that cover all your requirements – from production to on-site inspection!

Ihr Partner für einen reibungslosen Markteintritt

Professionelle Unterstützung für Ihre Bauprodukt-Zulassung in Deutschland

Wir unterstützen Sie bei allen Tätigkeiten, die sie für eine Zulassung oder Verwendung Ihres Bauproduktes auf dem deutschen Markt benötigen:




Bestimmung des Produkttyps (CE-Kennzeichnung)


Experten für Kunststoffkonstruktionen in Deutschland

Unterstützung bei Zustandskontrollen, Genehmigungen und Gutachten

Wir unterstützen Sie mit Zustandskontrollen ihrer Kunststoffkonstruktionen, auch im Rahmen von Zustimmungen im Einzelfall oder vorhabenbezogenen Bauartgenehmigungen, bei Schadensgutachten und als Sachverständige vor Gericht

bauaufsichtlichen Genehmigungsverfahren

Erstellung von Beurteilungskonzepten, Prüfplänen und Anwendungsregeln

Wir unterstützen Sie in der Findung geeigneter Nachweisverfahren der Standsicherheit von der Materialprüfung bis zur Zertifizierung

Erweitern Sie Ihr Leistungsspektrum im Bauwesen

Unterstützung in der Beurteilung von Kunststoffkonstruktionen

Sie müssen den Teilbereich Kunststoffkonstruktionen abdecken? Wir unterstützen Sie in Ihrer Beurteilung und erweitern so den Rahmen Ihrer Leistungen um Kunststoffe im Bauwesen. So haben Sie Zugriff auf unser Prüflabor, ebenso wie auf die Expertise des Ingenieurbüros.